The company ''Elcotech- Synchron'' LTD. is registrated as an individual one on 7th august 2000 with the decision № 957 of the District Court of the town of Silistra according to company case №383/2000. The headquarters of the company is : Silistra, ''West Industrial Zone'' P.O.BOX 128. The company's activity is production of electrical materials and tool equipment. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

General information about the products offered by the company:
   Leading tendency in the company's activity is development, assimilation and production of electrical materials. By that moment, the company has assimilated over 65 articles of mobile electrical connection-blocks and extendors which it successfully distributes in the big commercial chains in the Republic of Bulgaria and in countries of the European Union.
   The samples and the industrial patterns of the company are remarkable by its contemporary design and ergonomic form. The last ones face the requirements of BDS and the standards of EU for products of this class. The main list of articles possesses a certificate for safety and quality VDE and the products with embedded protection against impulsive overvoltage and lightenings, analogical certificate from IMQ- Italy. All products have a built-in system for ''children's protection'' and are the result of the long-term collaboration between the copartners in ''Elcotech- Synchron'' LTD. and the Belgian company ''Shakon''.
   An innovation in the nomenclature of ''Elcotech- Synchron'' LTD. is the series of ELECTRICAL CONNECTION-BLOCKS with embedded protection against impulsive overvoltage and lightenings and the series of connection-blocks with a built-in tension protection that is activated at voltage over 260 V~ and under 180V~ that the company put on the market in 2007.